Monday, August 26, 2013

Update + Brandy Melville Giveaway II Preview (Open Soon)

Hi everyone, please accept my sincere apologies for being somewhat MIA from the blogosphere lately. I promise to make it up with this update and preview on the special surprises to come.

So just to recap, I started blogging at the beginning of July and managed to publish many posts within a short timeframe. But at times I felt they were forced or just following the typical fashion blogger route. So for the past couple of weeks I've decided to take it slow and muse over a couple of blogging books like Dana Fox's "Blog Wonderful" and the classic "Blog Inc" by Joy Cho. I'm not an avid book reader, but I found those two books jam packed with useful tips and inspiration.

Reading those two books made me realize the importance of having a short-term plan for the future of my blog. So in the next 2 months I will be showcasing some local businesses, great deals from my back-to-school haul and have a short series on affordable Fall boots. You might also want to watch out for some more of my giveaways!

Well, speaking of giveaways, I meant to offer one once I reached my 50 followers target on Bloglovin. But since then, that number has been climbing and I reached 100 this past week! So to thank all of my loyal readers (+ to warmly welcome the b2school season) I have followed through with your requests and will be holding a second Brandy Melville giveaway! And if you've read any of my previous posts, you'd know I'm an obsessed Brandy Melville fan.

So right below is a sneak preview of the giveaway prize; it's the Brandy Melville loose graphic "Stay Classy" tank valued at around $21 CAD.

Excited to enter?

Then let me know by commenting below and I'll consider opening the giveaway in less than 24 hours :)

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  1. a friend gave me blog inc. and it has been such a valuable tool for my blog! love that muscle tank!


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