Tuesday, August 13, 2013

OOTW: That girl at the steakhouse

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OOTW #3 by stylevancity featuring short skirts

A night out with girlfriends at a classy steakhouse, just letting loose and revealing the inner foodie. Surely moments are shared, laughter erupts and a family stares at you and your friends oddly. A friend pulls out her polaroid to take a group selfie, which ends up on Facebook later that night.

I guess that's what inspired this outfit of the week that's fun, girly and stylish. I've worn fairly similar outfits (colour-wise) and this combo is guaranteed to bring in compliments! Pair a frilly top like this one from Zara with a chiffon skirt and throw on some bold heels like these from Payless. Voila!

1. Top with Frills and Laces $41 CAD - Zara
2. Chiffon Skirt $32 CAD - H+M
3. Lumos Dorsay Pump $30 CAD - Payless


  1. this outfit is so cute, especially love the shoes. stumbled across your blog & its amazing - will definitely be following xx


  2. I love the colour of these shoes - such a lovely contrast with the monochrome outfit.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    Jo x

  3. fun and lovely work outfit with the bright green pumps <3

    Check out my new outfit post on blog! :)




  4. Thanks, I really appreciate it :)

  5. Really pretty combination! I miss wearing ruffled top though... :)



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