Wednesday, July 31, 2013

3 Golden Wants

3 Golden Wants, juicy, couture, golden, gold, accessories, cat, watch, black, leather, necklace, earrings, urban outfitters, i love dynamite, dynamite, sale, must haves

3 Golden Wants by stylevancity featuring cat jewelry

1. Multi Metal Round Short Necklace $20 CAD - Dynamite
2. Meow O Clock Watch $29 CAD - Urban Outfitters
3. Deco Spike Drop Earrings $60 CAD - Juicy Couture

I am in love with gold accessories and can never stop obsessing over my latest finds from browsing some of my favourite stores. I love how gold adds a hint of class, a touch of style and a shiny contrast when added to my looks. I've seen so many other bloggers rock the gold n' black combo lately which is why I fell in love with some of these must-haves!

Any gold jewelry faves? Absolute must-haves? Please share them below :)
Monday, July 29, 2013

A Peek into my Blogging Routine

Inspiration for blogging can come from many different things. Usually it's from something I see while walking down the street, surfing the web or taking in my daily dose of television. My blogging routine frequently involves ducking into a cafe or coffee shop that has free WiFi and snacking on a little something while I'm there. One of these places is unsurprisingly Starbucks. I have a craving for their mocha cookie crumble frappucinos and they just hit the spot on hot sunny days! 

What is your blogging routine? Any favourite places? Share them below :)
Friday, July 26, 2013

Boutique Hunt: Tait

I was walking down the touristy streets of Downtown Vancouver yesterday and discovered this little boutique in the heart of Gastown. Tait has a variety of women's clothing and accessories ranging from long chiffon dresses to tribal inspired jewelry. Their flowing skirts and tanks are perfect for the summer season and their sales associate was so nice even though I only came in to browse. I definitely see myself coming back often to check out their latest and greatest stylish picks!

tait, boutique, vancouver, vancity, fashion, women's, apparel, clothing, lovely, great, affordable

Tait boutique; find it at 330 West Cordova Street right here in Vancouver, BC. 

tait, boutique, vancouver, vancity, fashion, women's, apparel, clothing, lovely, great, affordable

I just really love the colour of the burgundy long chiffon dress and found their loose graphic tanks soft to the touch, quite comparable to those at Brandy Melville. 

tait, boutique, vancouver, vancity, fashion, women's, apparel, clothing, lovely, great, affordable

I don't know about you, but the colour mix here definitely screams "summer"! The white lace crochet top is just a stunning piece and I just love the light sky blue purse in the upper right corner. 

tait, boutique, vancouver, vancity, fashion, women's, apparel, clothing, lovely, great, affordable

This is their main accessory wall at the back of the boutique. Right in the middle is a lovely statement necklace among a plethora of other must-haves. 

tait, boutique, vancouver, vancity, fashion, women's, apparel, clothing, lovely, great, affordable

There's something about this cute duo that says, "ootd: the red n black combo". I honestly just think that the red is just a really nice contrast against this short black dress. 

tait, boutique, vancouver, vancity, fashion, women's, apparel, clothing, lovely, great, affordable

This is such a fantastic summer dress as well; it seems this royal blue is really in this summer!

tait, boutique, vancouver, vancity, fashion, women's, apparel, clothing, lovely, great, affordable

I am in love with that sunhat! Couldn't think of anything else I'd rather wear with my maxi outfits.

tait, boutique, vancouver, vancity, fashion, women's, apparel, clothing, lovely, great, affordable

Tribal. Bustier. #twoinone #nuffsaid #needit

tait, boutique, vancouver, vancity, fashion, women's, apparel, clothing, lovely, great, affordable

I just really like editorial photos for some reason, maybe its cause I'm a fashion blogger! Notice that beautiful black and red cuff statement bracelet; its perfect to spice up a plain outfit. 

tait, boutique, vancouver, vancity, fashion, women's, apparel, clothing, lovely, great, affordable

I'm really liking what I see here too; those bangles are so bright and colourful!

Unfortunately, they do not have an online store but you can find them on Facebook here. Follow them to see their future gems and hear about their latest promotions. If you plan on visiting Vancouver anytime soon I highly recommend that you add this little place to your list of fashionista attractions!

Do you shop from boutiques often? Got any one of a kind favourites? Share them below! :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Social Media Update: Facebook Page!

Facebook, fashion, blog, vancouver, style, vancity, promotions, free, giveaways, brandy melville, freebies, finds, ootd, ootw, reviews

Hey everyone! In my earlier social media integration post, I said that Facebook would be up next. It is now linked to the upper part of my side bar, or you can check it out here. Follow me on Facebook to stay on top of all my latest blog posts, giveaways and promotions!

(P.S I have no idea how anyone found my Facebook page before this promotion so please help me get to 30 likes so I can see who my wonderful mystery follower is!)

Any requests for additional social media platforms are welcomed as I'm not quite sure what I want to add next. Pinterest? Tumblr? Instagram?


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Daily Find: Sosie Summer Sale!

So as I was scrolling through my daily feed on Bloglovin, I came across Ashley Ella Design's post the "Best of Sosie", which was filled with some pretty darn cute accessories. I immediately checked out the ShopSosie website and found loads of fashionably affordable deals! I spent at least twenty something minutes scrolling through less than $10 necklaces and under $30 printed dresses perfect for the summery weather. I was so tempted and will probably cave in the near future to purchase a couple of pieces. Thanks for sharing this Ashley, I'll definitely be adding Sosie as one of my online shopping stops!

Be sure to check out the sale section for some unbeatable summer steals like the ones below :)

daily find:ShopSosie Sale, sosie, steals, summer, finds, affordable, clothing, love, floral, hi-lo, cheap, inexpensive, clothes, pieces, summery, skirts, dresses, accessories

daily find:ShopSosie Sale by stylevancity on Polyvore

1. Flower Fields Dress $35 CAD
2. Sonic Sounds Dress $25 CAD
3. Selma Tulip Skirt $19 CAD

Are any of you Sosie fans? :)

OOTW: Just getting an ice capp

OOTW #2, dynamite, forever21, urbanoutfitters, summer, look, outfit, week, muscle, tee, tank, shorts, ripped, denim, tim hortons, ice capps, blue

OOTW #2 by stylevancity featuring a moustache t shirt

Literally this whole summer I've been obsessed with drinking Tim Horton's ice capps, I really don't know why. Yet I never seem to get tired of that much-needed sugary and caffeinated punch that gives me a boost in the middle of the day. Maybe it's a phase maybe it's a habit, but till then I'm going to keep drinking up those ice capps!

This is kind of a laid-back look, one that practically screams "I just threw this together a minute ago". I don't know how many times I've just run down to Tim Hortons in some random outfit using the summer pieces in front of my nose. To get a similar look, pair a graphic muscle tee like this one from Forever 21 with a pair of ripped shorts like this one from Dynamite and grab a solid backpack like this one from Urban Outfitters.

1. Mustache NYC Muscle Tee $10 CAD
2. Low Rise Denim Short $12 CAD
3. Deena and Ozzy Metro Multi-Pocket Backpack $40 CAD

Fave summer drinks? Share them below :)
Monday, July 22, 2013

Joe Fresh Obsession

Joe Fresh Obsession

Joe Fresh Obsession by stylevancity featuring t-shirts

1. Stripe Jersey Dress $24 CAD
2. Photo Print Shift Dress $39 CAD
3. Active Ombre Tee $10 CAD
4. Active Graphic Tee $10 CAD
5. Print Skirt $16 CAD
6. Cuffed Short $29 CAD
7. Short $17 CAD
8. Scarf $8 CAD
9. Eye Shadow Quad $10 CAD
10. Bronzer Duo $8 CAD

I absolutely love Joe Fresh for their affordable yet stylish pieces. I saw most of these while browsing their store and just thought I'd share these wonderful deals with everyone. Are you a fan of Joe Fresh? Let me know what pieces you love! :)

Just walking down Granville St to one of my favourite stores. It was such a beautiful and sunny day!

Just snapped this one before I went in to browse (haha for like half an hour).

Twitter! And 50 followers!

Hey everyone! I have decided to slowly implement more social media into my blog so I decided that Twitter would be next. This is a little embarrassing but this is my first time ever using Twitter so tweets and #hashtags are still a little foreign to me. Any advice is much appreciated!

You can follow me here to receive more updates and my rambles throughout the day :)

Also, I reached 50 followers on Bloglovin! Wow I didn't think that would happen so quickly! To celebrate I will be hosting another giveaway soon. Interested in co-hosting? Please let me know!
Saturday, July 20, 2013

Simple Sugars - on SharkTank

Yesterday's TGIF was a little different from most others. Usually I'd lay back in my chair and catch up on the latest Dance Mom's episode or amuse myself with a dose of TLC. Instead I found myself on the abc channel glued to the television watching an episode of "Shark Tank". "Shark Tank" is quite similar to the ever so popular "Dragon's Den" where aspiring entrepreneurs use the power of persuasion to potentially sway an investor into fulfilling their request.

Shark Tank the TV Show

It was turning out to be an ordinary episode with the casual jargon "equity" and "margin" loosely thrown around. But as always, the pitches entertained and the sharks were never short of vicious, always on the lookout to try and snap up a fish or too. 

Nearly halfway through the episode strode out Lani Lazzari, a young female entrepreneur who started "Simple Sugars" at the mere age of 11. Lani was confident and didn't hesitate to tell Kevin O Leary why she had come up with a million dollar evaluation. In my opinion, she had the sass of a stingray and the drive of a shark. 

Lani presenting on SharkTank

I guess I'm just a sucker for young entrepreneurial success stories as Lani was clearly one of them. When she was young she visited the dermatologist frequently because of her eczema. But despite all the products she tried, none seemed to work for her. Using the simple logic "if you can't find one, then make one" Lani dove into research and performed many formula trials for scrubs to treat sensitive skin using herself as the test subject. It literally just grew from there. Demand from family and friends helped to turn her all-natural skin care business into the "Simple Sugars" as we know today. 

Simple Sugars

I think Lani would agree with the ol' cliche "things are easier said than done" and that starting a business is much more than googling how to do so. She's clearly an example that hard work, sacrifice and passion can really take you to places you never knew before (in this case in shark-infested water).

It was a bright day for Lani as a sunbeam penetrated the water's surface allowing shark Mark Cuban to swoop in and feast. Okay I think I'll stop here with the ocean analogies but point is, she got the $100, 000 she asked for in exchange for 33% of her business; not bad. Mark Cuban himself even admitted that her business was one of his best investments. 

Now on to the fun part. Simple Sugars offers a wide selection of scrubs for a variety of purposes and each have their different properties. In her presentation, I really liked how she focused on the benefits of each ingredient rather than the product itself. I don't know how many times I've been told "it's an amazing product" without substantial or concrete proof. Lani is a marvellous sales woman and I can attest to this as I don't have eczema or sensitive skin but after still badly wanted one of her scrubs.

Here are some of her products:

Green Tea Facial Scrub $17.57 CAD

Green Apple Body Scrub $12.39 CAD

Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub $11.95 CAD

Overall it was a pretty good TGIF; I was inspired by Lani and now have a desire to use body scrubs. Comment below if you've used the scrubs by "Simple Sugars" or have other favourites!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Interview: "My style in a bottle..."

So I decided to do a mini interview this week and challenge some of my fellow bloggers along with myself to see if we could find a nail polish that aligned with our own style. I thought this would be a neat little twist and I ended up receiving very creative and intelligent responses from the lovely ladies I interviewed. Check it out below:

"My style in a bottle would have to be Mermaid's Dream from the Deborah Lippmann collection as I love mint/turquoise base colours while sprinkling them with an array of coloured statement pieces."

"My style in a bottle would be Honey Ryder from the OPI The Bond Girls collection because the colour gold can instantly glam up and add a bit of sparkle to any outfit. Plus, I love accessorizing with gold jewellery because it goes with almost everything!"
Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm
"My style in a bottle would have to be peach and burgundy from NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Duo in Sharplines. My style varies daily from girly chic and other days being more edgy, so I think these would be my style in a bottle!"
- Vanessa @ Delightful Sunflower
"My style in a bottle would have to be Barefoot in Barcelona from OPI because I love nude nails, it looks so chic and groomed. Also nude nails go with every outfit and occasion."
- Heather @ ofbeautyandnothingness

"My style in a bottle would have to be essie's Boom Boom Room because I absolutely LOVE anything pink, and the bright colour goes with all my outfits!"
- Tori @ Glittori

"My style in a bottle would be the Michelle Nail Polish by BeadStreet because it is a very nice navy ocean kind of blue which is very gently and gives off a vintage Bohemian like colour."
- Birdie @ birdiethgirl

"My style in a bottle would be Guava Gelly by Barry M - it's a beautiful bright lagoon blue that gives a perfect pop of quirky colour to any summer outfit, whether you're tanned, or a pale girl like me." 
- Jo @ Woo Be Red

I'd like to thanks these wonderful bloggers for participating and I do hope that you take some time to check out their marvellous blogs. Feel free to share below which bottles fit your style and give a shout out if you're interesting in participating in one of my future interviews!  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Liebster Award Nomination

I'm so excited to announce that I have been nominated for the Liebster award! (starts crying uncontrollably) I'd like to thank "x" and "y" and ... oh wait this isn't a Grammy speech. Anyways, I would like to thank missmacbeauty (who has a wonderful blog by the way) for nominating me as well as all of my followers for their continued support towards my fashion quest.

Here are some of the Liebster Award Rules:

1. The nominees must answer the 11 questions provided by the nominator
2. Choose 11 of your favorite blogs (with under 200 followers) to be nominated
3. Make up 11 new questions for those bloggers
4. Let the nominees know they have been tagged/nominated
5. You cannot tag back or tag the same person

Here are my answers to missmacbeauty's questions:

1. What is your go to handbag?

Definitely my little black long champ bag. It's cute, a little sassy but quite versatile!

2. What is your favorite summer trend?

I'm really loving the ombre trend, the skirts, the shirts, the tanks (you name it!) are absolutely to-die-for this season.

3. One makeup item you can't live without.

Hmm this is a hard one as I'm honestly not the biggest make-up person. I'd have to go with my L'Oreal Total Repair detangling spray, which is honestly my one and only "bad hair day" fixer. 

4. What is your dream car?

I'm actually really into smart cars at the moment. I'd love to own one that's bright pink!

5. What is the color theme of your room?

I'd have to say its neutral; no wild prints or crazy colours but I guess that helps me to concentrate.

6. What is your favorite social media? (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Definitely Facebook and Tumblr! I don't have much experience with the others but will definitely take the time to play around with them more. 

7. What is your favorite TV show?

Dance Moms and America's Got Talent all the way. 

8. Who is your fashion icon?

I don't really have one definitive fashion icon. I am inspired by the people around me in addition to many of my fashion-savvy friends!

9. What is your guilty pleasure?

Candy, especially sour keys!

10. What is your favorite drink?

As of right now I'd have to say Tim Horton's ice capps!

11. What is your favorite pair of shoes?

Definitely my was an investment but totally worth the buy, they are so comfy!

I will be nominating:

1. The Craziest Paradigm
2. Adventures of an Anglophile
3. Bellezza Babe
4. Pretty Lovely
5. izzisaur
6. Electra Violet
7. Woo Be Red
8. Shadow Liner Girl
9. Our Little Nest
10. The Preppy Graduate
11. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery

Here are the questions I wrote for them:

1. What do you love most about blogging?
2. What made you start a blog?
3. Who or what do you look to for daily inspiration?
4. What is your favourite flavour of gelato?
5. One country you must visit in the next ten years.
6. Favourite line from a movie.
7. What do you use to take pictures for your blog? (if applicable)
8. Describe your blogging routine.
9. What is your second biggest fear?
10. What actions have you taken to be environmentally friendly?
11. One song you'd gladly listen over and over to.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

OOTW: That girl you saw on the boardwalk

OOTW #1, topshop, clothing, summer, loving, ootd, the bay, h+m, aldo, shoes, wedges, bustier, colourful, floral, printed, skirt, black, white, brown, leather, outfit, idea

OOTW #1 by stylevancity featuring short skirts

When I say boardwalk, maybe you think of that square on Monopoly that everyone's gunning for. Love to but no, I'm talking about the public (owned-by-all) boardwalk that looks out to an expanse of sea and landscape that's sprinkled with white boat liners and masted sails. Sounds kind of like those idyllic scenes in movies? Just what I was thinking.

You know, I just love the idea of walking down the border between land and sea and just taking in the sea scent and letting the wind ripple my hair. At night or day it's a great place to go to watch fireworks and lick some not-so Italian gelato. Yup, that's just my inspiration for this week's outfit!

Featured in this week's OOTW is a summery yet sophisticated look for going out in the breezy but warm humid weather. Pair a brightly coloured bustier like this one from Topshop with a fine print patterned skirt like this one from H+M. Lastly, throw on a pair of your favourite leather wedges like these brown ones from Aldo.

Boardwalk memories? Outfit loves? Please share below :)
Monday, July 15, 2013

OOTD: More Owl Love

Top:Forever21/ Cardi:Talula(or Aritzia)/ Necklace:Accessorize/ Pants:Urban Outfitters
I guess I'm just really in love with this peacock owl necklace (so much so I had to feature it in another ootd)! It was a little chilly in Vancouver today so I wanted to wear something warmer like my long light turquoise pants from Urban Outfitters and knit blue cardigan from Talula. I'm also wearing a basic grey tank under my loose chiffon tee (on sale!) from Forever 21. I noticed that the blue from my owl matched my cardigan which is why I think this is a cohesive look!

I'd love to hear your thought's on todays outfit! Comment below :)


(Oh and p.s I'm using a tablet camera till I get a better one, I hope my photography skills are improving!)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

OOTD: Summer Festival

This is an outfit I wore to a local summer festival the other day! I threw on my strawberry-colored dress and paired it with a weaved brown belt from Zara. I had to choose a bag, so I went with this small brown over-the-shoulder from Mango and put on my DIY infinity bracelet as a finishing touch. 
Let me know what you think :)

Dress: H+M
Belt: Zara
Purse: Mango
Bracelet: Made it my self :) (tutorial, maybe?)

PS. All entries for my giveaway must be submitted before July 17th. Check it out here!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Brandy Melville Giveaway!

As you can guess from one of my earlier posts, I'm a huge Brandy Melville fan. Now its time to share the Brandy love. I bought this cute sailor anchor tank recently as it was a newer addition to the Brandy Melville location in Vancouver and decided to use it as my giveaway prize.

55 cm in length, super cute, soft and stretchy; one size only
Here's a better photo and an outfit idea from Brandy Melville's instagram
Here's how to enter:

1) Leave a link to your blog in the comments (a message would be nice too!)
2) Follow me on Bloglovin if you haven't done so already (I will be checking)
3) Promote the giveaway at least once any way you'd like (first 1/2 of bloggers to enter get an extra entry )

The winner will be chosen at random using a generator and will be contacted by e-mail one day after the giveaway closes; they must respond within a week or else I will re-draw. I will also make the announcement in one of my future posts. This giveaway will only be open till the end of July 16th and anyone with a blog can enter.

Best of luck! (Oh and let me know if you're a Brandy fan)
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Urban Decay Faves

Urban Decay Faves, makeup, sephora, fashion, naked, palette, basics, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lips, eyes, love, favourites, favourite, needs, wants, wish list

Urban Decay Faves by stylevancity featuring urban decay eyeshadow

1. Smoked Eyeshadow Palette $58 CAD - Sephora
2. Naked Basics Palette $32 CAD - Sephora
4. Naked 2 Palette $60 CAD - Sephora
5. 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil $23 CAD - Sephora
6. Feminine Palette $40 CAD - Sephora

So I'm a really big fan of urban decay ... how about you?
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Brandy Melville Obsession + Giveaway Preview

Brandy Melville Obsession, Brandy Melville, giveaway, fashion, freebie, summer, blog, internation, free, babe, loose, tanks

Brandy Melville Obsession by stylevancity featuring high waisted flared skirts

1) Sadie Zuma Beach Tank $21 CAD (sorry this one isn't on their website) - Brandy Melville
2) Brya Skirt $28 CAD - Brandy Melville
3) Carolina Pineapple Maggie Top $19 CAD - Brandy Melville
4) Riana Skirt $23 CAD - Brandy Melville
5) Chiyo Top $20 CAD - Brandy Melville
6) Luma Skirt $23 CAD - Brandy Melville

I discovered Brandy Melville tucked away along Granville St around six months ago and since then I can officially say I've become obsessed. Obsessed with the casual yet cute/sexy look of their open-back tops and completely in love with the soft knitted sweaters. For those who aren't familiar with Brandy Melville, it's a store with Italian clothing that is known for their "one size fits all" policy and despite my "petiteness" I can still wear most of their clothing. 

I visited the store a few days ago and several pieces caught my eye, some were "just in" and some were just ones that had been on my wish list for a couple of months. I absolutely love this beach tank (1) although I haven't always been the biggest fan of graphic pieces. Personally, it kind of looks as if someone took the label off of a special drink bottle and printed it on to the front. These skirts (2, 4) are similar in style but have two different prints one reddish and the other black and white. I totally see myself wearing them with my cropped cotton tank blouse. The cropped pineapple shirt (3) has a colourful design in the shape of an "X"; I would definitely wear it with my favourite pair of dark wash, ripped denim shorts. Next up is the white bra/bustier top (5) which is something you could throw on under chiffon shirts or low side-cut muscle tanks. And lastly, we have the red woven skirt (6) which is great to have as it goes with most light-coloured tops and can be worn with leggings when it gets chilly in the fall.

I couldn't find this one on the website, but it's a fairly new addition to the Vancouver store. I love the sailor colours and anchor design and if that weren't enough, the french writing makes this tank all that more special. I bought it for $23 CAD and I am happy to announce that this will be my first giveaway prize. Stay tuned later today for more info on how to enter. 

This is the Brandy Melville store in Vancouver; it's situated along Granville St along with some of my other favourite stores!

Let me know if there's a Brandy Melville near you and what pieces you love!
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**As of July 12th (10 am PDT) the giveaway will be open until July 16th (8 pm PDT)

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