Saturday, August 10, 2013

Juicy Couture Obsession

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Juicy Couture Obsession by stylevancity featuring juicy couture purses

1. Bright Leather Mini G $128 CAD
2. Giraffe Charm $50 CAD
3. Leopard Cateye Sunglasses $125 CAD
4. Robertson Leather Hobo $340 CAD
5. Charmy Elastics $26 CAD
6. Penny Nylon Drop In Key Pouch $29 CAD
7. Striped Rose Scarf $81 CAD
8. Pre-Assembled Key + Padlock Charm Bracelet $91 CAD

For some reason, I just really love Juicy accessories. Maybe it's because of their super looped logos, royally golden crests and stand-out bright colours. I love their products because they're fashionably stylish yet aesthetically cute and add a touch of personality or flair to any outfit. But yes, I admit they're pricey at times but just wait for a sale (cause they have lots) and treat yourself to something nice!

I personally own a few Juicy accessories and wherever I've taken them, I've always gotten lots of compliments. If you purchase any of the above be prepared for the storm of "Oh that's adorable!"'s or "Where'd you get that?"s from fellow fashion and non-fashionistas.

Any Juicy fans? Any accessory must-haves? :) 


  1. #1 is my favorite :) <3

  2. Hi kayla, thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. I love the white bag! I need a new white bag although I don't like that they get dirty so fast and everything shows up on them!

  3. The white bag is awesome! I'm also a big fan of the scarf :) I wish I owned some Juicy things but I can't afford them :(

    A Splash Of Tan

  4. I love Juicy Couture and these accessories are definitely adorable! Great blog <3

  5. I love Juicy! Their perfumes are my favorite


  6. Hey erica, thanks for stopping by too! I'm totally with you on that :)

  7. Juicy things can be quite expensive sometimes but if you catch a good sale, you might just snag a deal!

  8. Thank you for your comment dear.


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