Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Daily Find: Sosie Summer Sale!

So as I was scrolling through my daily feed on Bloglovin, I came across Ashley Ella Design's post the "Best of Sosie", which was filled with some pretty darn cute accessories. I immediately checked out the ShopSosie website and found loads of fashionably affordable deals! I spent at least twenty something minutes scrolling through less than $10 necklaces and under $30 printed dresses perfect for the summery weather. I was so tempted and will probably cave in the near future to purchase a couple of pieces. Thanks for sharing this Ashley, I'll definitely be adding Sosie as one of my online shopping stops!

Be sure to check out the sale section for some unbeatable summer steals like the ones below :)

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daily find:ShopSosie Sale by stylevancity on Polyvore

1. Flower Fields Dress $35 CAD
2. Sonic Sounds Dress $25 CAD
3. Selma Tulip Skirt $19 CAD

Are any of you Sosie fans? :)


  1. Wow, great prices! And cute too!

  2. Kayla! Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog! I am just tickled to find that you are a fellow vancouver-based blogger. Yup, freakin' awesome. Now planning to spend the next 20 creepin you're little slice of blog heaven. xx Rachael

  3. I love the middle dress (: it's so pretty! xx

  4. i've never shopped there before! all three dresses you chose are so fun for summer :)

  5. Great finds! Love the second one!

  6. I really like that one too :)

  7. Thanks for linking up! Love great sales and your picks!


  8. Kayla! This is fantastic! I love it and love those prices. :)

  9. The Sonic Sounds dress is so pretty! I love it! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM


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